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Missing nyc boy 0c723 article
The Washington Post

Murder trial begins in the case of NY child who disappeared 35 years ago | The Washington Post

“Etan was dead before his mom even knew he was missing [and] then his family and countless others spent the next three decades looking for him,” a Manhattan prosecutor told jurors. “That journey ends here.”

Back turn on de b article
The Washington Post

New York's Winter of Discontent | The Washington Post

A month after the killings of two NYPD officers set off a dramatic public confrontation between union leaders and a mayor elected on a vow to reform the police department, New Yorkers are not happy with either side in the long-running debate about law enforcement and race in the nation’s biggest metropolis.

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The Washington Post

Patz jury to begin deliberations | The Washington Post

For the first time since 6-year-old Etan Patz vanished on his way to a New York City bus stop in 1979, fueling a national missing children’s movement, a criminal jury is set Wednesday to begin weighing evidence against the man accused of killing the child.

Mlkmarchjan2015 article
The Washington Post

In NY, more than 1,000 march to protest police brutality on MLK Day | The Washington Post

“When someone out on the street commits a crime, and someone is with him, that person is called an accomplice,” said Justice League NYC coordinator Rameen Aminzadeh. “If you had someone that killed a person, got away with it, and you continue to wear that uniform and carry out those policies and stand with that department, then I think it’s fair to call you a racist.”