Chris Francescani

Chris Francescani

Journalist, New York City

NBC News Investigations unit reporter covering U.S. law enforcement, surveillance issues and occasionally writing about music. @CDFrancescani

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Dylan 1965 article
'Bootleg Series' Release Chronicles the Year Bob Dylan Went Electric - NBC News

Dylan's transformation from folk singer to rock icon unfolded over the course of 18 chaotic months in 1965 and 1966 during which he released three of the greatest albums in rock and roll history...his method of trying songs in different arrangements can provide for some fascinating insights, even years later.

Bradley podliska article
Benghazi Staffer Has No Federal Whistleblower Law Protection - NBC News

The Benghazi Committee staffer who says he was fired for resisting participation in what he called a politically motivated probe of Hillary Clinton is not protected under federal whistleblower laws - an exemption that one labor lawyer called "inexcusable."

Bn jx585 nydrug top 20150819123608 article
Why It's So Hard To Stem the Spike in K2 Overdoses in NYC - The Wall Street Journal

Cheap, powerful and wildly unpredictable in quality, K2 poses a different set of challenges from trying to get older drugs off the streets of New York City, according to local, state and federal officials.

Dronewsjpic article
Drone Ban May Ground Model Planes - The Wall Street Journal

Members of Suffolk County’s 15 model airplane-flying clubs fear their wings will be clipped by a proposal to ban drones over property owned by the Long Island county.

Bn jk075 nyloos p 20150715123031 article
Loose Cigarette Arrests in NYC Drop in Year After Eric Garner’s Death - The Wall Street Journal

A 2015 National Research Council study concluded that it's more lucrative from many states to smuggle untaxed cigarettes than uncut cocaine into New York.

Tareek article
With Less Fanfare, NYPD Launches It's Own Massive Manhunt for Escaped Prisoner | The Wall Street Journal

As the search for two escaped inmates in upstate New York riveted the nation, another intense manhunt for a prisoner has been unfolding about six hours south in New York City, with far less fanfare.

Rearview lpr  article
The Drive to Spy | Medium

There are thousands of cameras following you, anyone can watch, and it’s all legal.

Drone article
Film festival showcases the soaring power of drone cinematography | The Washington Post

The dawn of drone cinema is upon us. And the view will blow your mind.

Ct bomb article
Conn. Investigators Moving Forward in Bizarre Bomb Plot, Bank Heist Probe | ABC News

Conn. Investigators Moving Forward in Bizarre Bomb ...

Missing nyc boy 0c723 article
Murder trial begins in the case of NY child who disappeared 35 years ago | The Washington Post

“Etan was dead before his mom even knew he was missing [and] then his family and countless others spent the next three decades looking for him,” a Manhattan prosecutor told jurors. “That journey ends here.”

2012 04 19t213206z 01 kdb103 rtridsp 3 usa newyork boy article
Patz jury to begin deliberations | The Washington Post

For the first time since 6-year-old Etan Patz vanished on his way to a New York City bus stop in 1979, fueling a national missing children’s movement, a criminal jury is set Wednesday to begin weighing evidence against the man accused of killing the child.

906523 bob dylan s da vinci code revealed daily beast article
Bob Dylan’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ Revealed | Daily Beast

Researchers say they’ve uncovered more than 1,000 items lifted from other authors in Dylan’s ‘Chronicles.’ And that’s just the beginning.

141011 isis syria mn 815 0551bbaed807741ac85d8a7fcfe593f1.nbcnews fp 1440 600 article
U.S. Officials: Foreign Fighters Pouring Into Syria Faster Than Ever | NBC News

Unprecedented stream of fighters worries counter terror officials.

Biometric facial recog blog pic article
Feds Use Facial Recognition to Target Vegas Clichés | Al Jazeera America

With FBI biometric database, what happens in Vegas doesn't stay there anymore.

Back turn on de b article
New York's Winter of Discontent | The Washington Post

A month after the killings of two NYPD officers set off a dramatic public confrontation between union leaders and a mayor elected on a vow to reform the police department, New Yorkers are not happy with either side in the long-running debate about law enforcement and race in the nation’s biggest metropolis.