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Brazil.hackers.lineup article

Brazillian Superhackers Lurking Just Out of Sight At Summer Olympics - NBC News

Tourists flocking to Rio are descending into what security experts describe as one of the most potent cybercrime hotspots in the world, where a new generation of young hackers is perfecting and unleashing a spectrum of online attacks in and outside of the country.

Csi miami article

ITT Tech and the 'CSI Miami Pitch' - NBC News

An ongoing dispute over the criminal justice program at ITT's Tallahassee, Florida campus offers a glimpse into a system where taxpayer dollars have supported a network of trade schools widely criticized for deceptive recruitment practices and an often low-quality education. It also provides some indication of how ITT survived years of scrutiny, withering criticism and a growing raft of lawsuits before shutting down.

Wantedbyfbi article

Why The Feds Are So Alarmed About the New York Dam Hack - NBC News

In recent years, independent "white-hat" security researchers have shown they can access cities' traffic control systems and license plate reader networks, sports stadiums, car washes, a hockey rink in Denmark, a Texas water plant, the particle-accelerating cyclotron at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, even an Olympic arena.

Ransom2 article

Ransomware Hackers Blackmail U.S. Police Departments - NBC News

Cybercriminals who have forced U.S. hospitals, schools and even small cities to pay hundreds of millions in blackmail or see their files destroyed are now targeting the most unlikely group of victims: U.S. police departments. And the attacks are putting federal law enforcement officials in a nearly impossible position.

141011 isis syria mn 815 0551bbaed807741ac85d8a7fcfe593f1.nbcnews fp 1440 600 article

U.S. Officials: Foreign Fighters Pouring Into Syria Faster Than Ever | NBC News

Unprecedented stream of fighters worries counter terror officials.

Yahoo3 article

The Real Story Behind the Yahoo Hack?

The hack of more than a half billion Yahoo email accounts was motivated by espionage, not profit, according to an independent cybersecurity firm report set to be released Wednesday, which contends that an Eastern European state-sponsored actor appears to have ordered the massive hack as part of a coordinated effort to infiltrate the email accounts of U.S. military, diplomatic and political figures.

Bradley podliska article

Benghazi Staffer Has No Federal Whistleblower Law Protection - NBC News

The Benghazi Committee staffer who says he was fired for resisting participation in what he called a politically motivated probe of Hillary Clinton is not protected under federal whistleblower laws - an exemption that one labor lawyer called "inexcusable."

Dronepic article

NYC Drone Film Festival Aims to Win Over Skeptical Public - NBC News

For most Americans, hobby drones are about as welcome in their neighborhoods as car alarms. The New York City Drone Film Festival is aiming to change that.