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Biometric facial recog blog pic article
Al Jazeera

Feds Use Facial Recognition to Target Vegas Clichés | Al Jazeera America

With FBI biometric database, what happens in Vegas doesn't stay there anymore.

Hopex article
Al Jazeera

Naked in a steam room: The new face of privacy | Al Jazeera America

Dark Mail. Blackphones. Secure e-drops. Bitcoin ATMs. Makeup that thwarts facial recognition software. The latest tools for consumer countersurveillance and evasion technology were on display last weekend as thousands of tech experts, civil libertarians and whistleblowers gathered at Hope X in New York City.

Default image article
Al Jazeera

Chris Francescani | Al Jazeera America

Jul 21, 2014 ... Chris Francescani is a New York City-based reporter who covers law enforcement and surveillance issues and occasionally writes about music ......